Who We Are

 You are a special person. My manager Richard and I closely interact with people ready to create more positivity in this world.. We are committed to helping people find the best solutions for making your ideas successful. We reach out to a variety of disciplines and technologies, ensuring that our approach considers many angles. For example, see Video Marketing below. 

Are you on your way to greater success.?
Leilani Darling, J.D.: CEO, Positivity Trainer, Author, Lawyer
Richard Linfield, Ph.D.: Manager, PR Professional, Author, Professor  

Opportunities for Interaction

 More Positive More Productive can help you arrange Zoom meetings, videos, press releases, and podcasts.  

 We work with the social media presence of our clients, particularly the business impact of LinkedIn.

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Video Marketing

We are aware of the importance of using simple videos in many contexts.  Particularly, it's useful to have videos about your services on your website, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media. More Positive More Productive can help you create a variety of unique videos that help your ranking. 

Leilani Darling

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