Reviews: Creating a Healthier Lifestyle

A Beneficial Healing Book By A Visionary M.D. That Can Change Your Life


Dr. Joseph Mercola Effortless Healing

     My family focused on eating pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers and packaged food. I realized I needed to improve on the pattern. So, I learned about food that would help me stay healthy. I read books and articles about natural health and wellness, and I stayed away from pharmaceuticals. It’s working! It’s many years later and I’m still very healthy. 

     Recently I came across Dr. Joseph Mercola and I was very impressed with his decades of out-of-the box accumulated knowledge about having a happy body. He’s a visionary dedicated to helping people be healthy. He has helped over 25,000 patients, and over 15 million people visit monthly. National news media invite his appearances, and he’s a NY Times bestselling author. 

     I like his book Effortless Healing because he deals with how to sidestep illness and keep good weight.  He explains ways to help your body take care of itself. I’m delighted he suggests effective ways to go beyond the need for drugs. Instead his many articles help you easily create for yourself a happy, healthier life. 

     I believe in appreciating our overall health and taking care of it. Dr.Mercola helps us do this by thoroughly pointing out nine tips for learning how to take simple positive actions that benefit your health. If you  implement his suggestions, you could open yourself to useful physical and emotional results.

     Here are a few of his encouraging ideas I found motivating: how to increase my energy, how to be more relaxed mentally and emotionally, and how to avoid food stressful to my body. 

     Holistic doctors have written a variety of helpful, on-track books about improving your health in natural ways. Dr. Mercola’s Effortless Healing certainly seems to me to be one of the best of these books that encourage us to take actions that create good health.

     “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”  ~Thomas Edison

     Of course, it’s up to you. Listen to your intuition. You are the person in charge of your body. However, it’s very supportive to have books on holistic health and vitality that give us the extra nudges of support that we need. 

     There is much more in his book than I could cover here. Do yourself a favor now and make sure you read Dr Mercola’s book on health and wellness.