Forever Young Episodes


Episode 1: How Can Happy Emotions Become Your Secret Power?

How You Can Take Charge of Your Emotional and Mental Well Being

Positive thinking is a very precious gift you can give yourself. It is a treasure that is often overlooked. You can choose to stay young and vital in your attitudes and views of life regardless of how many years you have been on this earth. 

Positive thinking creates feeling good, and vice versa. Positive thinking helps to create the personal world you live in. You always have a choice. 

 We are individuals, and we can choose how we respond. You’ve probably had this experience: two friends are in identical situations, but when they describe the situation, how they describe it to you is extremely different.


Each of them has created a different reality for themselves – and they’re stuck with it, good or bad. Is it really something they would want to keep? Did they ask themselves if they liked the reality they created?


I recall a time when I met a fellow and we started discussing where we lived. I said I was lucky to live in a neighborhood that was peaceful, safe and friendly. He said he wished he lived there because his neighborhood was hectic, unsafe and hostile. I don't know who was more surprised when we realized we lived in the same neighborhood on street away from each other.

Yes, positive thinking is essential to your overall well-being. However, there is a missing ingredient. 


Why Emotions Are The Fuel That Power Your Thoughts

 Would you like to become more aware of your feelings and emotions? To do so, slow down your mental rushing around and become conscious of your feelings. Although many people don’t realize this, emotions are your power source. To understand that is crucial.

Positive thinking without  being aware of the accompanying emotional positive feelings is like a car without fuel. It might be a beautiful vehicle, but it’s not going anywhere.

Keep coming back and rereading this reminder. Write it down and put it on your mirror. Doing so increases your emotional intelligence. To experiment with this is crucial to you being kind to yourself.


Feeling good about yourself and others is empowering. Doing so also helps others to view you in a positive light. The positive life is loaded with great feelings, and you’ll become so used to it that you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get to this point.

You can give yourself a pat on the back when you remember to appreciate yourself for becoming more loving to yourself and others. The side effects are miraculous! 

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Episode 2:   Is Our World Ready For A Major Shift?

Get on the bandwagon for this great change that's happening already, whether you're ready for it or not!.

Men in our society tend to ignore their own emotions and to downplay a woman’s creative emotions. Although some men might deny this uncomfortable fact, it would be very  useful for society if more men would be open to learning from women. Women naturally know how to get in touch with their emotions. This is certainly one area in which women need to take the lead.

 It is vital at this time in human evolution for our emotional nature to be valued as even more important than our mental prowess. One growing side effect of this is the reduction of violence, everywhere from the street level to international relations.  

 Also, there needs to be a new understanding of emotions. At this point in time, emotions are often considered to be negative experiences. However, please remember that love is an emotion.  In fact, Love is the most crucial, necessary emotion for the ongoing flow of human relations. 

Why Do We Have So Many Negative Emotions?

The beauty of the emotions is their positive orientation. However, in English, we have many names for the negative feelings, in fact 412 of them. As of yet, there are only 82 names for positive feelings.  What does that tell you about our orientation? No wonder people are skittish about becoming more in touch with their feelings. 

No wonder when someone says, “Oh, she was just being emotional,” it’s not meant as a compliment.

We definitely need to change gears. Women are the natural leaders of evolution into a true understanding of our emotional nature. The emotions are a gift to be embraced and integrated into our lives. They can lead us into creativity and deeper levels of inner knowing.

For a moment now, recall some situations when you felt tender, gentle, peaceful, loving. Your whole body perks up. Scientists now know that the positive emotions release powerful and pleasurable chemicals in your body. Wouldn’t you like this to be your experience more often?

Combine the power of positive emotions with the power of positive thinking, and you have a marvelous ability to enjoy your reality and change your life for the better. 

When you make sure you are as positive as possible, you are the person who benefits most. This could mean recalling all of the things in your life that are going right for you. It could be thinking about all of the positive things that make you a happy, motivated person.  What you think and feel positively makes you a more creative person. 

Positivity Reigns - More Power to It!

Of course, when you feel good about yourself, it's easier to feel good about other people. Recall what good things you’ve brought to a relationship with someone when you were feeling good about yourself rather than focusing on negative judgments about yourself. Value your positive feelings. In your positive mind-set, you’ll behold a delightful difference in the way you see the world, the way you view yourself, and even the way others treat you. Try it often!

When you believe in your positive qualities and abilities, other people naturally tend to follow your lead and believe in you. Practicing this mind-and-heart awareness may take a little time to get used to. However, as you go along, if you keep up the dedicated work, you will find yourself very rewarded in many exceptional ways!

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Episode 3:  You'll Want to Know About This!  Coming Soon


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