How to Eat the Way Your Body Wants You To



We tend to take our body for granted. It’s a lot nicer to appreciate it.

Just consider this for a moment: the body constantly does marvelous work for us..


How well do you treat your body? Do you treat your body as well as you treat your best friend? In many ways, your body is truly your very-very best friend.

Expressions of gratitude in any form help the mind and body relax. Saying a heartfelt prayer before meals has the double effect of thanking God and relaxing the body. 

When you say and feel the thanks, your muscles relax and your attitude changes. It’s fascinating that thanking your body before you eat for all that it does for you is bound to make it easier for your body to absorb and digest your food.

Eat Slowly

Your body needs to be able to absorb the nutrition from the food you are eating. To do that, the food has to be mixed with your digestive juices. 

Did you know that most of the digestive juices necessary to digest fruits and vegetables are only in the fluids in your mouth? Eat fast, digest little. Eat slow, digest smoothly.

If the body has trouble digesting, it is hindered in getting the nutritional benefits to all the cells in the body that need the nutrition.

Too often nowadays we tend to scarf down our food and rush off to the next thing on our busy schedule.

But remember, slow does it more effectively than rush does. One result is that you’ll have more energy to do your next projects.

P.S.: Do you ever ask your body what it would like for dinner?
                     Try it sometime. You’ll be surprised